In What We Believe

Dodson AI llc invest to maximize impact and returns while bearing in mind positive social impact of the projects. We look for companies that offer their customers a superior value proposition with measurable outcomes. The companies must be profitable and are typically high growth with $1 – $20 million in revenue.
Dodson AI llc invests in educational and research organizations whose solutions meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The solution improves educational or human capital outcomes
  • The solution improves the prospects of employability
  • The solution enables learning or workplace institutions to run more efficiently, allowing improved allocation of educational and knowledge resources
  • The solution enables to offer better economies solutions in the sphere of construction of affordable housing and public development projects.
We understand and know that it takes time to build a high quality, high growth, financially successful company in the sphere of education and high-end technologies.

Target Financial Profile

A proven revenue model (typically a minimum of $1 million in revenue) and profitable (or would be if not investing in growth).

Transaction Type

Growth Capital, Minority Recapitalizations, Majority Recapitalizations, and Growth Buyouts

Size of Investment

$1 million to $20 million.
Dodson Ai llc will commit up to $20 million to individual portfolio companies. The company has the ability to complete significantly larger transactions by using our network of investment partners. Additionally, we will consider smaller transactions for platform investment opportunities.


Control positions or non-control investments with governance rights, including board representation


North America, Asia and Middle East