Founded by academicians and highly qualified professionals, Dodson AI llc is the private educational investments organization in the US. The founders’ vision is to build a web of networks that was aimed at building and shaping up contemporary education with the subsequent aim of expansion into spheres like R&D in IT, AI, Agriculture and Affordable housing. The founders of the company are already affiliated with a portfolio that covers the entire educational life-cycle, ranging from higher educational organizations, tertiary education and vocational training and development, as well as science intensive production companies and IT companies.

Dodson AI also recognizes the growing demand and importance of empowering disadvantaged groups including women and people having special needs. The company, therefore, aims to further expand its portfolio to offer more scholarships in order to securing complete participation and development aforementioned categories of students. To this end, Dodson AI is committed actively produce knowledge and technical know-how to foster sustainable economic growth and facilitate economic, educational and cultural relationships North American Region with Asia and Middle Eastern regions.

Also, with its in-depth background in the industry, Dodson AI believes in  implementation scientific solutions in the sphere of building affordable housing for millions to alleviate the problem effectively. Therefore, the company aims to extended its portfolio to include inexpensive housing and development projects in countries like the US, Canada, UAE and Central Asian region.

Dodson AI llc aspired to become a leader in the sphere of promoting the education by establishing the bond between the real sectors of economy and the education. Through a tight quality control in all its education systems, the company produces skilled minds that are required to make development sustainable. To achieve this requirement, the company’s investments align their educational content and structure to match the new demands of the global market, knowledge economy and information technology. Dodson AI prioritizes the sustainable development of human capital, as well as; and equally as important, the company strives to continuously enhance its shareholder value.



To generate financial returns that will expand the company’s market share and vertical growth by implementing the most efficient operations, planning methodologies and quality assurance measures.


To build a secure network of solid educational investments that is committed to developing intellectual capital and enhancing economic growth.