As a private educational investments organization, Dodson AI llc believes that investing in education is a building block to the better future. Through the establishment of worldwide network of education and research centers, we aim to make quality education more universal and accessible; to capitalize on R&D in IT, AI, Agriculture and Construction with the aim of achieving better economies of scale for improved human welfare.

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We have the industry expertise to offer solutions that can improve the efficiency of your business and provide financial back up in the realization of projects which potentially have positive impact on societies.

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We stand out from the crowd due to our strong team of leaders and professionals, who have commendable background in their spheres of activity. Also, our dedication to corporate ethics while carrying out our responsibilities contributes to a better transparency of our company.

Dedicated IT

We believe that working smart is better than working hard. That being said, we adhere to the principle that by impacting the lives of people through smart solutions in the education, IT, AI and agriculture, we could make lasting positive influence for a better life.
Prospective projects

Pursuing its mission, the Company is working on the realization of the investment projects in the sphere of professional higher education, IT education and services, and Research in adoption of AI in the sphere of Construction.

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